Fighting to be present, mindful, and alive , Hien’s here again showing us just how amazing he is with this deeply intimate moment I think we can all relate to.

Today’s comic hit’s me so directly. I don’t often share much of myself here- I know right? That sounds like a contradiction, since this is OJST and I’ve reviewed hundreds of butt toys for you all! But it’s true, even when talking about how some things have felt in my body, I’ve always taken deep steps to be personally private. Today’s comic goes straight to my deepest failing. I struggle so much with anxiety, living in the future, and entertaining the what-ifs instead of being present. It’s a lifelong struggle, especially during such a turbulent time for us here behind the scenes.

Hien and his comic is like a splash of cold water and I’m so ever thankful for it.

Note from Hien – Thank you to Matthew, Ziggy, and Erika for their herculean effort to put this comic together with me! Your patience and persistence are wholeheartedly appreciated! And, of course, thank you to my good friend Garrett for his generous love and kindness, and for giving me the moment that inspired this comic. Big hugs and many beard scratches next time I see ya, puppy!

Ha, yeeeeah, I really put Hien through the wringer on this one! So many drafts, so many tweaks! Hien’s ambitions and ideas dashed against my frustrating editorial cliffside. Hien will be sharing those behind the scene moments with us on the Patreon this week! So if you want to see just how many hours went into this amazing comic and the hundreds of amazing bits that got left on the chopping table, consider signing up to check it out- it’s only a dollar per OJST comic and really helps keep this site afloat and commissioning more comics like this one from our artists.

ALSO, some of you eagle-eyed viewers might notice that today’s comic is displayed a bit differently!

We’re taking new steps to make the future comics and select comics from the archives more social media shareable. We’re now chopping up the comics into pages while still displaying them here as if they’re still one tall image through CSS alchemy. You can check it out by right clicking on the comic in different places and opening the image as a new tab. It took me all weekend to figure out a good process for it. BUT, going forward, you can expect us to update older comics into the new format and we’ll start posting the Erika-Matt* ones onto socials for all to see: we’re a soon-to-be 10-year-old site and it would be great to get more of our content out there to an audience who didn’t grow up with ’em!

The next step: I gotta find a Reddit expert 0_o
*I’ll need to ask guest artists for permission if we aim to post their comics onto socials (since they own their work), but I gotta leave something to do for next weekend ;D Information about our complicated license stuff can be found here.