Self discovery, reflection, community, labels and a message of celebration for who you are right now. Ale Green and Fanny Rodriguez have made us an incredibly beautiful comic that takes so much of the human experience and birdifies it into a beautifully poignant short story. I hope you find it relatable and helpful, no matter who you are or where you’re at in your life.

Ale Green

Fanny Rodriguez

Strange news to cap todays comic off with – but if you didn’t hear; Patreon broke something this past month, and creators around the world have lost a bundle of backers due to incorrect fraud warnings on their cards (read about it on The Verge & Engadget & Patreon’s Status page)!

Last months payout for OJST was a bit of a shock to the system, and we’re officially freakin’ out. If you’re a backer to Oh Joy Sex Toy, Erika Moen, Hien Pham, Jey Pawlik, or ANY PATREON creator out there, it would mean the world to us all if you’d double check your support, and re-pledge if you can!

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