Curleebunny is showing us just hot things can get at the beach, in this weeks NSFW sexy comic! No joke, as I write, this it is 109F out here in the PNW, and yesssh! A swim would be so frigging good right now, although, maybe with a little less seafood ;D A huge thank you to Curleebunny this absolute visual delight of a comic!

NEWS ON THE PATREON Last weekish we mentioned news about the Patreon goof-em-up (they made a mega payment-card-decline-issue on the site, read about it on The Verge & Engadget & Patreon’s Status page), and figured we’d loop you all in on how it’s going: so far it looks like OJST lost nearly 15% of it’s monthly income? But we’ll know for sure when next months payment lands. It’s tough not to be upset, about things that are so out of our collective control, so we’re trying to take it one day at a time…

Still, and I know we always ask… but if there was ever a time to come and support us with a buck or two, or even just double check your Patronage, now would be the time. We’d be deeply deeply thankful:

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