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The team has all been so taken with the two previous comics that Ripley had already done for OJST over the last few years that we decided we needed their work featured here on a regular basis, so Mx. LaCross has graciously agreed to come on board as an official staff artist with a monthly comic.

Get yourself acquainted with their work and then give a rip-roaring welcome to RIPLEY LACROSS!

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↓ Comic Transcript
Page 1
Comic page with cartoony drawings by Ripley LaCross, using a color palette of warm tan and steel blues, with accent yellow colors.

Panel 1: A crowded music venue has a looong line waiting at the bathroom. The person at the front of the line is hunched over a little, holding their crotch, and looking slightly panicked towards the bathroom door.

Pee Person (PP): Shouldn't have chugged all that water before the first set... My bladder is gonna explode!

A patron finally exits the bathroom and PP shoves past them through the door exclaiming "Oh My-lanta, finally!" while the bathroom-exiter looks at them with irritation for rushing past them so close.

PP reacts in horror and disgust, thinking "Oh! Oh my god..." at the sight of a truly groady toilet, just, the fucking worst toilet situation you've ever seen- except you can't even see the worst of it, because the artist pixellated out the contents of the bowl of the toilet.

Page 2:
PP slams the door closed and leans against it, sweating in horror, while saying "There's... no way... it's so gross!"

Ripley Lacross is next in line to enter the bathroom and comments to PP, "Sounds like big trouble in a little toilet". PP responds, "The biggest!"

Ripley opens their vest to reveal an assortment of funnel-like objects attached to the interior panel. Ripley gestures at them while looking over their shoulder, like they're sharing contraband.
Ripley: No problem, I've got you. Check it:"
PP (still sweating and vibrating from how much they need to pee): "What in the..."
Ripley is now lounging inside an over-size pee funnel that's kind of shaped like a canoe.
Ripley: This is the pStyle. A stand-to-pee (STP)* device that lets you pee standing up, or fully clothed! (*AKA a "Portable-Urinary-Device") This doo-dad opened up my world, Big Toilet™ owns me no more!
PP: Okay, first of all, security let you in here with all those?? Secondly, how does that help me go number one?
Ripley: Hold onto your britches, and I'll tell you.
PP (looking like they're going to die from how badly they need to pee): I've been holding!

Page 3:
A person who was standing in the crowd at the music venue is now standing alone in some kind of field . They undo their fly and wedge the pStyle between their legs and then pee while standing up.
You just slip it into your underwear (or push them to the side) and hold it just behind your urethra. (Press up against your body for a good seal.) ...aim... and go weeee~!

The person gets back in the driver's side of their car, their moody teen (who was also at the music venue) is listening to music on their headphones. The person deposits their pStyle into a bag while smiling contentedly.
NARRATION: When you're spent, simply wipe forward with the beveled back edge (like a spatula!) Give it a shake, bag it, and you're ready to rock! (Don't forget to wash it when you get home)

Now we return to the bathroom line with Ripley explaining to PP, who eyes Ripley's pStyle nervously, "It's no bigger than a banana, so it squeezes into my backpack just right. (Right next to my massive canteen the reason I pee so much!) It goes wherever I go!

Page 4:
PP snatches the pStyle and lunges into the bathroom, exclaiming "I can't take it anymore! Gimmie!"
Ripley cautions, "Careful in there! There's a wee learning curve!"
In a flashback scene we see Ripley in the past struggling to use the pStyle while standing at the edge of a toilet.
NARRATION: For me, it took a lot of willpower to overcome the 'I'm peeing my pants' sensation and open the floodgates. Then sometimes I struggle to find the right angle. Like, my body hasn't changed! Why do I have to hold it differently today?? And don't get my started on splashback... So I practiced in the shower! Tilting me hips forward gives me better flow control. (And the position gives me those good Gender Feels, y'know?)

Page 5
Back to present day, with Ripley holding both vest panels open to show off all their different Stand-to-Pee devices that are strapped inside.
Ripley: Out of all the STPs I've tried, the pStyle is the easiest to use, clean, and store. It's also the least-gendered STP I've found, neither feminine nor masculine. The sleek, non-gendered design and colors make it more like a cool accessory. Meaning you can pee in style. I mostly use it for hiking and the occasional seedy venue. Just having it in my backpack gives me peace of mind.
PP returns from the bathroom looking greatly relieved, in fact they are surrounded by shining stars. They say, "One of these would have been SO handy at Melting Dude '19.

The music starts up again on the stage, prompting PP to say "Oh! Just in time, the next band is going on!" while the next person in line to use the bathroom opens the door to it and looks horrified. PP gestures at the line of people waiting and asks Ripley "But, uh, any chance you've got a few extras for our friends?"

By Ripley LaCross

Transcribed by Erika Moen on October 2, 2023