This is a WIP page!

In addition to all the different artists we hire and showcase week to week, Oh Joy Sex Toy is run by a small team! Learn all about the team behind the curtain here!

Matthew Nolan

Creative Director & Editor, He/Him

Matthews a white, cis, bi-boy, who’s been working on Oh Joy Sex Toy ever since the beginning! He runs most of the business, takes point on all the editorial and guest artist recruitment, and is there when anything needs doing. Currently, he’s working on turning the site from the ‘Erika and Matthew show’ into something more diverse and community-focused. He likes shiny bright shoes, enjoys cats, and has a funny accent.

Ziggy Snow

Editor Consultant, He/Him

Ziggy is a queer, trans, white and Anishinaabe editor with omg when did I get this old years of experience helping people communicate. He works in academic nonfiction and betas smutty fanfic for fun. Ziggy loves libraries, vegan ice cream, gaming, and his bat-eared dog.


Socical Media Director

An old webcomics pro who’d like to remain anonymous! Extraordinarily talented and funny, with a deep understanding of the world of social media.

Jey Pawlik

Semi-Permanent Contributor, They/Them

Jey Pawlik is a nonbinary comic artist whose goal is to make queer comics for anyone to enjoy! They have been working in comics since 2013, with their work being a part of the erotic comic’s site Filthy Figments, and in sexy comic anthologies such as SCORE! and Nectar. Their specialty is autobio and character-focused short stories, and when not drawing porn for work they also draw porn for fun. Jey’s porn of choice: comics about queer people who are 30+

Hien Pham

Semi-Permanent Contributor, He/him

Hien Pham (pronounced like Ian with an H) is a queer digital artist specializing in gentle and optimistic comics. His work revolves around respite, caring and loving, and being loved and cared for. Hien’s emotional and introspective interactive fictions are multi-award nominated, and his debut graphic novel, It Will Be Hard, won an Australian Game Developer Award in 2018.


Editor Consultant

Position yet to be filled (email Matthew!)
Looking for another voice to add to the editorial team. Someone who can help give another perspective on difficult pitches, ideas, and feedback.