Ene uncovers Foot and Feet Fetish in today’s lovely autobiographical homage. I can’t stand how great this comic is, Ene toe-tally nailed it, I really think it’ll knock your socks off!

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↓ Comic Transcript
Today’s comic is written and drawn by Ene, whos pronouns are she/her. She is drawn with long curly hair, circular glasses, and hoop earings with an average build. She’s often drawn wearing baggy loose clothing.

Paired up with her is her cis partner at the time, whose pronouns are he/him. His name isn’t included in today’s comic so I will refer to him as P (for partner). He is drawn often in a hoodie and jeans with very short buzzed hair and a wee pointy nose.

The comic today is drawn in subtle blues and whites, that really let the lovely linework shine. It’s cartoony and friendly with curves and character in every panel.

Page 1

The comic starts with;
Ene’s narration - ‘A while back, I was dating this person.’
We can see Ene and P making out on a bed, she straddling him and they’re kissing with little hearts floating around.

His hand slowly reaches down to her ankle.
Narration - ‘When I look back at the beginning of our relationship, I wonder how I didn’t catch on sooner. ‘

P - ‘Your feet are really… cute.’
Ene - ‘What?’
She pulls back from the Makeout session to look at him in mild surprise.

P Turns his head shyly away.
P - ‘Well… I mean, it’s just feet, um. But for feet, they’re kind of pretty, that’s all!’

She turns his head back to hers with a soft and kind head-holding gesture.
Ene - ‘That’s a strange compliment… but it’s sweet I guess.’

We’re shown a wide panel of four quick illustrations across the rest of the page with narration woven throughout.
Narration - ‘Yet, there were a few clues…’

The first is of Ene sitting on the couch next to P, with him blushing away nervously as she rests her feet in his lap.
Narration - ‘How he used to blush whenever I would put my feet on his lap while we watched a movie.
Then a third moment of him blushing deeply, and looking away while sweating profusely.

Next we see her pulling up her stockings as she’s getting dressed
Narration - ‘How he seemed so happy to see me put on my stockings.’

Finally the fourth one is a text conversation between the two of them on her phone, as she contemplates buying some new shoes.
Narration - ‘Or how invested he was when I was shopping for shoes.’

Page 2

Narration - ‘Eventually, one day, we were talking about sex. We had already chatted about our preferences a few times before. I don’t know what was different about this time. But that’s when he told me about it for the first time.’
Behind this narration is a big picture of the two of them in bed, naked with bits of clothing and regular bedroom debris strewn about. Ene is holding up some tea and listening to P. It’s very cozy.

The camera focuses on P over three panels, to give his face room to articulate his moment, as he slowly opens up and tells her…
P - ’It feels strange… saying it out loud. I never really talked about it with any of my partners. I mean, I tried once throwing a line out to one of them. But I didn’t insist. I didn’t want to feel like I was pushing something, you know?’

Page 3

The camera turns back to Ene as we see her reaction. She’s listening intently as P finishes his monologue.
P - ‘So you’re kinda the first one I’ve told.’

Ene leap-hugs P with excited energy.
Ene - ‘Thank you.’
Narration - ‘I remember feeling honored that he felt safe enough to share with me.’

The next panel is a pair of feet being touched gently, in a different moment in time.
Narration - ‘We talked a lot about it the following days, and decided to take it slow.’

We see the same pair of feet now being kissed by P
Narration - ‘We were just experimenting, trying to see what felt good.’

Next we are shown three panels, focused entirely on Ene as she’s slowly melts down the bottom of the panels, as if she were leaning against a wall and her feet were slipping away. It’s a fun visual of ‘slowly falling and slipping.
A little floating P face speaks up to start these three panels.
P - ‘Can I try… licking them?
Ene holds up her hand in a mildly acquiescing gesture.
Ene - ‘Yeah, you can. I just don’t know if I’m going to feel much!’

The second panel hits with some exclamation mark visuals, Ene beings the slide.
Ene - ‘I mean –’ she starts before being interrupted by the next panel.

Ene is dropping away, as P must be working his foot magic.
A blushing happy Ene - ‘Damn…’

Page 4.

Narration - ‘It was refreshing and fun to discover a whole new field of possibilities. And what excited me even more about all these new options was that they weren’t centered around penetrative sex, which I wasn’t very interested in at the time. This time we spent together was just about discovering other ways of having sex.’

The page is a big, curving path; on top of that path are multiple illustrations outside panels. It’s a playful way of showing their growing adventure and exploration through feet and time. Time-feet!

The first illustration is of Ene’s phone, and the conversation that the two of them have on it
Ene sends P a Feet pic.
Phone Ene - ’Does this red suit me?
Phone P - ‘heart-emoji
I swear everything looks so good on you. Can’t wait to see you Fire-emoji’
Supporting this is a little pop-up tag that says
‘Another way of Sexting.’

We see P kneeling in front of and moisturizing Ene’s feet as she looks down happily. Next to it is a tag that says:
‘Another way of getting pampered’

The third illustration is of P holding up a pair of stiletto shoes
P - ‘I finally brought them.’

The final illustration is of P’s Jean covered groin, being gently kneaded and petted by Ene’s bare feet with the tag next to it, saying;
‘Another way of teasing.’

The page ends with two little portraits of the pair, looking at each other playfully.

Page 5

We see Ene in the bath as she scrubs her feet, narration follows the rest of this page, as she shares thisi moment with us.
Narration - ‘I’ve always liked my feet, but now there is something else… I think I’ve learned to find them sexy.’

The camera floats higher as we see her sit back and just submerge herself.

We briefly visit her half-submerged face, as she stares down and looks at her wiggling toes on the other side of the bathtub.
Narration - ‘And even though I’m not with this partner anymore.’

Narration - ‘The way I see them has remained the same.’
She reaches for her phone and quickly takes a Feet pic of herself.
Ene - ‘Cute.’ She says while looking at the photo.

Today's autobiographical comic about Feet and Foot Fetishes was made by Ene, who can be found at https://www.instagram.com/ene_42/
The comic was then transcribed by Matthew Nolan on 03/11/24.
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