We hadn’t really planned on doing a review of the Ranger X. We got ours as part of a trade with the fine Vixen Creations team, after having poked and prodded a friends toy, and thought it would be a ‘just for us toy’ – some times it’s nice to have toys you don’t HAVE to review you know? But after a few rounds, we just couldn’t help ourselves and HAD to make you all a comic about this dang delightful dong.

Just the right size of big, a beautiful mold, and TRIPLE cored? We’ve sort of fallen in love with the Ranger and Vixen Creations VixSkin X series. It might be a ‘you gotta see it to believe it’ sort of thing, so check out this video they took…
It’s -legit- the closest thing to handling a REAL dong that we’ve ever experienced.

Now there’s a reason the Ranger X has such a crazy price tag and that ‘triple core’ toys aren’t a regular thing in the industry yet. Every time you pour silicone into a mold, you risk the chances of something outside of your control going wrong. Air pockets, misalignment, micro-bubbles. A dildo that takes multiple hands pours like this? Well, the risks multiply! And so for every successful dildo you make, there’s more than likely a handful of failures, buckets of wasted expensive silicone and many many working hours spent.

Making these ‘X’ series toys is a passion project for the small Vixen Creations team. To that extent, they are only selling these on THEIR store AND only make them in small batches (when they can find the time). It means we won’t be taking any kind of affiliate cut for helping sales and that the chances are when you try to buy one, they’ll probably be sold out (We chitty-chatted with the team a few weeks ago and they’re hoping to complete a limited run just for when this review goes up!)

If you just aren’t lucky enough to visit the site when they are in stock OR if you’re looking to buy up the less expensive but equally great double-core models, check out our friend’s stores below for other Vixen Creations toys (and read our reviews if you want to know our thoughts on a couple of them!)

Fancy looking for some VixenCreations elsehwere? A lot of our friend’s stores stock the more basic models!

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Project Spotlight:

Equitable Giving Circle

Portland’s restaurants are unable to buy fresh produce because of the quarantine closure, leaving our local farms with a surplus of produce. Equitable Giving Circle unites BIPOC-run farms with individual BIPOC folks who don’t have secure access to food and are not in the social services networks. This organization runs much deeper than what I’ve summarized here and I encourage you to read up on their project descriptions, it’s really inspiring.