Todays a brand new day and we’ve got a brand new comic just for you! Tess Thompson’s here with a great lil autobio comic all about her body hair. I love the style and energy Tess brings and hope you do too =D

People keep reaching out to make sure we’re alright while living in Portland, amidst all the police violence and kidnappings. Don’t worry, we’re fine! But we are worried for our friends and neighbors who are getting injured and arrested, which is why this week we’re hoping you’ll join us in donating to…

Project Spotlight:

PDX Protest Bail Fund

The General Defense Committee Local 1 is fundraising to cover bail and other legal expenses for protesters arrested in connection to Portland demonstrations related to George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, and basically anything advocating social justice and police reform right now. Thank God there are people out there who understand how to navigate our expensive, complicated legal system and can help those who are being punished for putting their bodies and lives on the line for social change.