Getting this one in the mail had both of us like ‘???’ because the Temari is so different looking to our regular fare. But when we’d given it a charge and played with it a smidge, it all clicked. (Or, rather, ‘buzzed’)

The Temari is just delightful. It’s incredibly inconspicuous, pretty, quiet, AND delivers a rumble good enough for Erika. It’s rare to find something that checks so many boxes. We were both pretty taken with it as the perfect starter toy, iffffff you’re someone who can get past that price tag.

Only one of our pals seems to stock this one today, visit Early to Bed and pick one up if you’re so inclined!

Something we forgot to mention: there are THREE versions of the Tenga Temari out there, each with a different playfully patterns! Ours was called the Hana.

Buy it from one of our Friends (With Benefits)

Early To Bed has a 10% discount too! Just add ‘OHJOY’ at checkout!

And, finally while we much prefer and encourage you to buy from a small
business, here’s an Amazon link!

Project Spotlight:

Help the San Francisco PornFilmFestival go VIRTUAL

Yes, we’re featuring the SFPFF a second week in a row because time is rapidly running out to get them funded! There’s only nine days left to raise the money they need to make this virtual porn film festival get off (ahem) the ground.

While mainstream film festivals can use all the big name streaming sites to carry on during the pandemic, that is not an option for movies with sexually explicit material. The San Francisco PornFilmFestival needs our help to build a platform to share independent porn made by and for queer folks & people of color around the world!