A little bit of a change of pace today!

We’ve been wanting a piece by these two on the site for an age. Ovens or JB3’s are a smutty porn duo who makes some of the hottest comicked porn around. Honestly, you should go get your pervy peepers on these things. While a lot of it is locked away on Patreon or Slipshine, I promise it’s worth admission. Just go take a sneak peek at Ovens’ Twitter and tell me I’m wrong!

This week is a play on the old Playboy single-panel comics. A lil bit of a fun throwback for you all to enjoy.

If you missed the update – which would be understandable as we’ve been doing less and less PR this past few months – Random House Graphic dropped the cover for our NEXT next book! Read our post about it here. Or just go straight to the source!

We worked hella hard on this one all of last year. So super excitedddddd.

Project Spotlight:

Help the San Francisco PornFilmFestival go VIRTUAL

While mainstream film festivals can use all the big name streaming sites to carry on during the pandemic, that is not an option for movies with sexually explicit material. The San Francisco PornFilmFestival needs our help to build a platform to share porn made by and for queer folks & people of color around the world!