A lovely personal comic from Jey Pawlik about stepping away and destressing with the Magic Wand. The perfect way to say goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023. Happy New Year all of you lovely people!

We’re hoping all of you who got to take holiday time had some good restorative time. I’m feeling optimistic for 2023. We can do it. YOU can do it.

A note from Jey: Hey y’all Jey here to tell you how I use the Magic Wand to destress! Times can be tough and sometimes I’m just not up for the whole kit and caboodle so I’ll just reach for my old trusty favourite instead.

This last year has been a lot with getting sick, having sudden wrist pain, social media being what it is, it really bummed me out. I’m thankful for my partner Michelle and my therapist, so things are looking up but I know it can be rough sometimes. So this is just a little something I do to relieve some of that pent up energy.

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