Whoa, been a while hasn’t it!

In the eleven months I’ve been away from OJST working on my mental health book, our amazing sponsor OMGYES only went and made a brand new season of their vulva-tastic educational series! This round’s all about toys, so you KNOW I had to take a sabbatical from my sabbatical to do a review here.

Surely you remember Matt’s and my first two reviews of the previous seasons? Don’t worry, you can catch up on our Season 1 review (Spoilers: we loved it) and Season 2 review (DOUBLE Spoilers: we loved it even more). I know singing the praises of your sponsor might look kinda suspect, but honestly Matt and I fucking love what OMGYES is doing and how they do it, and we sang their praises in that first review long before we had any professional connection to them. It’s just a genuinely good resource provided by folks who also help keep our site afloat and free of obnoxious ads, so… Win-Win.

While I have your attention…


My best fucking friend, my most favorite person on earth, go send him a birthday message and tell him what an amazing job he’s been doing running OJST single-handedly for almost an entire year now. I keep thinking I couldn’t be prouder of and more impressed by him and then he amazes me anew on the regular. Happy birthday today, honey. I can’t wait to finally show you the gifts I’ve been hiding around the house for months now!!!!