Fun frivolous fictional fornication! Thank you so much for this absolute gem Hien, it’s amazing.

I’m fighting my instinct to write out a hundred Monty Python Grail quotes to go with this one. Is there a sex joke about ‘Laden SWALLOWS’? I’ll have to think on it while I do the laundry.

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↓ Comic Transcript
Today's comic is drawn by Hien Pham, in red and brown tones, it feels warm and is drawn with a joyous energy.

Page 1 starts with a heavy-set white male appearing character in shorts and a T-shirt walking back into his home, he wears a brown beard and his baulding on top. In his hand, he’s carrying some food in a Takeaway bag. For simplicity's sake, I will call him Beard!
'Honey, I’m home' Beard exclaims.

He takes a moment to breathe in the delicious smells of his food.
'Oh, can’t wait to sit down to snack and relax~'

Out of nowhere, a second character appears, leaping out on the corner of the panel. He’s also a heavy-set white male appearing character, but comes with a mustache and curly tied-up hair. He, too, is wearing a T-shirt and shorts, but in addition to that, bransdishs a cape, and a jockstrap on top of his head. For simplicity's sake, I will call him Goblin!
'Yahaha!' Goblin shouts
'Greetings traveler!'
Beard's been caught unaware and leaps back.

Goblin puts his fingers together.
'Tis !! The Laundry, Goblin! We have crossed paths on the most joyous day! Laundry day! I challenge thee to a game of wits! Answer mine riddles, true, and I shall grant you a wish! Answer wrong, and thy shalt be left with nothing, but thy naked dong!

Beard wears a blank expression as he stares at his partner.
'Is that my jockstrap?'
'No! ‘Tis treasure I found fair and square! Now comes mine first question! Be prepared!

Page 2 starts with goblin, presenting his first question;
'What is 1+1?'

Beard crosses his arms, and raises a questioning eyebrow
'hmmm… Is this a trick question?'
'WRONG!!! You can’t answer a question with a question!'

Goblin reaches down and starts to pull at beards shoes, removing them from his body
'What the heck! I was just clarifying!'
'I don’t make the rules! You break them, and I collect your socks and shoes~'

Goblin gives the boot a little kiss as he removes it.

BEfore he drags the socks off with his mouth:
'Yes, 'tis a good day indeed…'

Beard looks down, and a little heart appears as he sees Goblin between his legs
'Well, I suppose this isn’t so bad…'
'Is this relaxing?' replies Goblin.
'Maybe… Yeah…'

Page 3
'WRONG!!!' Shouts Goblin, as he launches at Beard tearing at his top
'This is a matter of life and a little death! And now it’s time to expose your breasts!'

A half undressed Beard sticks out his tongue.
'This game is rigged!'
'Is it?' Replies Goblin as he touches Beards bare hairy chest.
'Ha ha, now, you learn!'

Goblin's hand drags down Beard's chest and gently tweaks and squeezes one of his nipples as he continues on.
'Only two things left on your body… Once more wrong, and down to your undies.'

The camera briefly goes down under, and we see a hand creeping down toward said undies!
'Hmm… Let’s make a deal.' Bear interrupts.
'I’ll give up my pants for free… But! If I win the last round, you forfeit everything you have!'
Goblin looks on with unamused blush,

Page 4
Goblin takes a second to think

'I’ll pay upfront!' adds Beard
'A most agreeable deal' replies Goblin.
They shake hands as gentlemen and the pact is made!

Goblin starts to undress his prize, slowly stripping the rest of Beard's clothes.
Beard 'you’re really enjoying this, huh?'
'Hehe' snickers Goblin in return.

'Suremakes me wonder… If you’ve got ulterior motives, perhaps?'

Goblin finds his way to Beard's cock kept hidden underneath its underwear. Goblin nestles up against it lovingly.
'Oh, but what ulterior motive could I possibly have?'

'GOTCHA!' Shouts Beard as he leaps back and boops goblin on the nose with his accusatory finger.

Page 5
The two tussle and clothes fly everywhere, as Beard exclaims:
'You can’t answer a question with a question act.'

Beard is now riding a top of goblin who’s been stripped of all his clothes, his cock, hard is poking away at Beard's clothed behind
'You should’ve thought of a tighter rule set to use against me!'

'I really thought it was air-tight! I even rigged it and everything' explains a gleeful Goblin

We're shown a close-up of their hands, grasping each other, and their groins, as one sits on the other. and they intimately rub their noses together.
'And yet! You still owe me one whole wish!' continues Bear.
'Anything you’ve got planned… Your wishes this Laundrie Goblin's command…' Replies the excited goblin as the two blush together.

The final panel cuts to Goblin, putting the laundry into the machine as behind him Beard eats his well-earned lunch.
'And don’t forget to fold them too!'


Today's comic was made by Hien Pham who can be found at
It was then transcribed by Matthew Nolan on 02/19/24 who doesn't really know how to transcribe things, but is hoping you were able to enjoy it regardless.

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