We blinked and all of a sudden Oh Joy Sex Toy became THREE years old. It’s amazing. Thank you everyone, new and old, for visiting our site, looking at our silly dick-n-fart joke comic, reading up on our sex ed, and buying sex toys. We couldn’t make this comic with out you, thank you for all your support.

This year’s been a blast but, wow, crazy hard! We made a whole new book AND it started appearing in book stores!

In today’s comic we take you to our bedroom once again and show off the toys that REALLY get used in our house; the ones that, if you came asking for recommendations, we would eagerly point you to. Check out the best of 2015 and 2014 if you want a trip down memory lane!

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Our wrap-up strips aren’t in depth exposés, so here are all the links to our comic reviews of said toys (if we reviewed them!). We hope it helps with your holiday shopping!

Njoy Pure Plugs
Magic Wand Rechargeable
Mystic Wand
Uncut #2
6″ Pride Dildo (not reviewed yet, it’s a great cheaper option.)
Alpha (not reviewed, but check out the Velvet review, it pretty much covers the basics of the toy! Alphas just bigger.)
Jaguar Harness (reviewed here!)
Sliquid lube
Uber Lube
Good Clean Love
Chaise Esse Lounger


Lucie Makes Porn
Four Chambers / A Four Chambered Heart (not yet reviewed, but gosh, guys, its SO GOOD)
Crash Pad (and check out the time we visited their live set!)


And now things we didn’t have SPACE to mention!
Simple cock rings Matt loves! (but hasn’t had a chance to review)
Come As You Are, the book! We just LOVE this. Mandatory reading, it’ll blow your mind!
Queer: a graphic history, the book! An amazing academic look at ‘Queer’. Educational.
Coming Out Like A Porn Star, the book! A lovely collection of coming out stories, puts you in touch with the humans who make your porn.