We’ve been meaning to review our Jaguar harness for YEARS. So much so that it’s made cameo’s in a buncccch of our other reviews.

We love it a WHOLE ton.

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Stuff we didn’t really go into with this comic (we wanted to do a more personal this week), is that the Jaguar harness is made of a soft leather that wraps around the hips and lower buttocks. It’s NOT a flimsy cheap g-string harness! The reason I’m reitterating this, is that we have seen a lot of cheap bad harnesses that might look ok on the surface but end up unpractical in action. The Jaguar is the opposite – it’s a real workhorse of a harness – something you can use in a ton of different ways and will last a lifetime. Vey customizable, stable, and leaves access to your vulva area open and free. Hundreds of reviewers love the crap out of it and we absolutely love it and recommend it above and beyond anything else we’ve ever tried – seriously, if you’re in the harness market, don’t buy anything else.

Also, Aslan makes a few varieties of the Jaguar, and different stores have different stocks. So click about on the links – some stores will have alternative colors, and/or sizes and styles of the Jaguar. You don’t just have to settle for the default Black leather.