These are the CUTEST sex toys in our house and for serious that “soft touch” silicone is friggin’ irresistible. That’s not hyperbole, ALL of my friends who’ve had a chance to pick them up freak out about how nice they feel. It’s really something.

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Something we forgot to mention about these little guys is that their charging stations are all swanky display cases. So you can put your toy to rest in its see through box -like a collector’s item- while it rests and charges up. SO CLASSY.

We REALLY liked these sashimi-looking toys but it might be because we didn’t have to pay for them. $130 is a real commitment! But if you’re looking for a toy that tickles your other senses in addition to being an ok-vibrator, then look no further. The Iroha+ are a delight to both the eye and touch. We think Tenga did a real good job… which well, isn’t surprising. We like everything we try from them.

We should ALSO mention that, what we we reviewed were the crème de la crème of the Iroha+ line: The Kushi, Yoru and Tori.

Tenga DO have cheaper options available, made with that amazing silicone material. There’s the Midori, Yuki and Sakura all priced around $100, and the tiny Iroha Mini, roughly $25. But fair warning – we’ve not had a chance to try any of them.