Erika’s back from Sweden and just about healthy again! Yay!

We’re now the middle of 2017 and, well, as of a few weeks ago, we’re now starting our FIFTH year of Oh Joy Sex Toy. It’s incredible. If you had told either of us at the start that we would both still be doing this full time after so many years, I don’t think either of us would have believed you. It’s amazing.

Need a catch up? Brand new here?
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These were our FAV toys at the end of 2016
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We’re so incredibly humbled by it all. We truly couldn’t do this without your support on Patreon, through Kickstarter or just in person, with your kind words.

We’re going to start ramping up back into our regular flow. Get some sex toys reviewed, talk some sex ed, hire guest artists. Maybe you couldn’t tell, but these past few months have been a whirlwind of sickness and overworking, so we’re both really looking forward to getting back into our routine.

In today’s strip, we both make light mention of our quirks; being bipolar and having anxiety issues. Well, if you’re looking for more on that, we do try to post about these things onto our more private space on Patreon, and will continue to try to use it as a place to over-share.

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