Rieroo shares with us their experiences of exploring the scary world of romance with the aid of Dating Games! It’s a familiar experience for many, of developing romantic interest and then making soft tentative plays to explore that world in the safe space of digital games. What a lovely little piece that I feel is hopeful and helpful for anyone starting out themselves. Dating games can be such a wonderful world to start your exploration in.

Click on a link below and tell Rieroo that they’re fab. I’m honored they felt like they could share with us such a personal slice of autobio! In their pages you can find a whole bunch of other rad Eldrich-creature-work too =D It’s awesome.

Today’s comic reminded me of this gem of a comic by Molly Ostertag on Dragon Age that we got back in 2015, dang, how time flies!

I’m trying to scratch my brain to see if there are any dating games I truly connected with recently that I can recommend here in the footer… But I’m coming up slim. Sureeee, my heart felt pangs for residents in Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, but was it romantic for me?… I’m not sure, not really. I think for me, I’ve always enjoyed a more voyeuristic POV; Sims games with the limits removed or, heck, even Rim World with a horny mod or two. Getting to create little characters and watch them fall in love? Now we’re talking.

What I’m trying to get at is that games are amazing and that there are a hundred different ways to explore relationships and that–

–OH WAIT! I remember now – The last time I felt pangs for characters in a 1-to-1 dialogue game was Scarlett Hollow by our very own Abby Howard and Tony Howard-Arias! Legit spent FAR too much of my time romancing Stella and later Oscar, and not enough time solving the game ;D Very much recommended if you like your romance with a big dash of SPOOKY.

Want to make comics about the games that have touched your hearts? Reach out and submit an idea to us! We’re always on the hunt for more guest comics =D