And with today’s update, Erika and I are finally on break! We’ll be taking some time off and trying over very best not to do work over the next 6 weeks as we recharge our bones. While you wait for us to come back, we’ve got a whole bundle of amazing guest comics to keep you entertained, so make sure to come back and check out their comics as they go live. We’ve got some pretty fantastic ones queued up.

I hope you enjoyed todays comic. It was a fun one for us to make!

I was lucky enough to get a free copy of The Sims 4 back in spring through a freebie-event. At the time I didn’t think much of revisiting that world, but then I stumbled across the WickedWhimsMod, and I was intrigued. I gave it a go on a lark and dang did it hook me in quick. Turns out all I needed for the Sims to feel fun was some explicate, entertaining, pornographic ‘whoohoo’ing (the Sims’ word for sex). I can’t even think that Maxis (the creators of the Sims) could be that mad about this horny mod – I’ve ended up spending a pretty penny on their extensions in order to watch my Sims fuck in new spots (the university has walk-in showers – yes, please!)

One of my most favorite parts of all this was discovering that the main programmer of the WickedWhimsMod and a handful of the more popular animators now run Patreons for their free horny works. Fans of specific animations can support their animators and get access to even more content to try. When was the last time you heard about game mods creating small off-shoot businesses? What a delight! I won’t go dropping anybody’s specific name here on the website, as I love them ALL, but I recommend you check out all the animators and mods listed on the WickedWhimsMod website and then, if you like a specific animator, take a peek and see if they have a Patreon too.

My only heads-up would be to double-check what you’re adding in before you install it. Some animators have created sex animations for expansions that include vampires or mermaids or the likes. I was a bit taken aback when all of a sudden, after some tender loving sex, my Sim decided to suck the blood out of the other’s neck – despite me not having any vampire expansions! There’s also definitely been some animation that made me uncomfortable after I saw them. So just stay aware of what you add to the mods folder and remove whatever offends.

Other Mods you might want to try out too:
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