Happy Tuesday folks! Your almost half way through the week, you can do it!

This comic’s been a long time coming. We’ve had Gina’s Filthy Figments on our radar from the very start of OJST, so I’m super happy to have finally found our way into getting a review done. We hope you guys like it. Filthy Figments is a really wonderful site. A den of devilishly dirty comics made by a ton of different artists set at a reasonable price. Even its UI issues just make it feel nostalgically 90’s.

With Valentines around the corner, we’re totes recommending you pick up a month and dive into their archives. It’s the perfect late night tablet companion in my opinion.

While your off exploring FF, try not to forget that Erika and I are doing a signing the DAY AFTER valentines in Seattle’s Babeland store! Feb 15th 7pm at Babeland!

As way of a quick update: things are progressing on our two book projects (Book Two of Drawn to Sex, and our Random House book Let’s Talk About It), but gosh are we worn out! We’re doing one week at a time on each project with out much in the way of breaks. And then this week we both got slammed by a Portland plague. We struggled to get today’s comic done in time! But despite that, we’re both still having a bunch of fun with the work? Oh Joy Sex Toy’s been a homely pleasure to come back to and work on each week, and to hire guests for. While the Random House book has been a exciting and new project that’s driving us forward. Next week we’ve got another cute porny guest comic (I know right, a lot of horny ones in a row, just in time for Valentines – it’s just how it turned out I swear) and then after that, an educational one if we recover quick!

Drop us a buck on Patreon if you want to support what we do here! Every dollar keeps us alive and going. ESPECIALLY this year, when we’re not planning a Kickstarter (Drawn to Sex Book Two will be Kickstarted in 2020, once we’ve covered a few more subjects!)