Happy Valentine’s, everybody!

Here is a cute sexy comic from Michelle Lam for you all to enjoy.
I fell in love with her Instagram comics a while ago and feel super honored to have gotten a full length story like this from her here.

That’s our third porn-y comic in a row, you lucky devils, you! I hope it’s been a fun change of pace for you all. Most of the time I don’t get to plan out which comics go up when – especially when we’re posting guest comics. Our scheduling is a first come first serve sort of thing. So it’s just been a happy coincidence that you all get porn for your Valentine’s =D

Next week we’re going knee deep back into the sex education minesm with hopefully a review or two shortly after. As always, if you continue to enjoy our work or the work of those we hire, consider dropping us a buck or two on patreon! It keeps us doing what we doooo and able to pay others for what they do too.

Seattle is SNOWED IN, so right this second we’re not sure if it’ll be safe to drive up in our tiny car. If you’re thinking of attending our book signing, the best place to stay up to date is over on Erika and my Twitters. But obviously – don’t go out if it’s dangerous! The deets on the book signing can be found here: The DAY AFTER valentines in Seattle’s Babeland store! Feb 15th 7pm at Babeland!