We were looking over our list of done topics for the next Drawn to Sex book (all about health), and it turned out that while we’ve gone in-depth on how to fill up and stimulate a butt hole, we had completely forgotten to do an Anus Anatomy 101 comic in the first place. Whoooops!

Here are some other anal comics for you to poke around in:
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Last Friday we visited Seattle to do a presentation at my high school AND our book signing at my very first sex shop, Babeland. Both events were amazing and really… reaffirming. It’s easy to get tunnel vision and forget the value of what we’re doing while we’re doing it. We got to see so many of you who helped turn that around with your kind words and support. If you turned up for either event – thank you! I wrote a bit more intimately about the experience on Patreon.

ALSO, our sponsors over at OMGYes are in the middle of collecting data for their next series/research paper. If you haven’t already discovered OMGYes, check out our review. We LOVE them and would love it if you helped support their work with this survey.
It takes about 20 min, but puts you in for a good chance to win a $100 gift card. Check it out:

OMGyes and Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine are studying how people use sex toys for pleasure! Share your preferences in a survey to help researchers better understand specific sexual behaviors related to sex toys. If you qualify, the survey takes about 20 minutes to complete. After completing the survey, you can enter a raffle for one (1) of Ten (10) $100 Good Vibrations gift cards.

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