Spruce up that booty and get ready to dive on DEEP into our comic this week ;D

Today we’re going a step further than our previous comic on Anal Sex for Beginners, and looking into the tips and tricks of having an ass that’s able to go the distance.

As mentioned in today’s comic, shit WILL happen. And that is A-OK. The comics advice is for those looking to level up and not prerequisites for anal sex. So don’t feel too intimidated by the prospect of enemas and the likes – it’s not mandatory for you to enjoy your butt =)

We had a bunch of fun with this – and it’s pretty much the LAST comic we needed to get done for our upcoming book (we still have a few bits and bobs to do in general), we’re SO CLOSE!

If you’ve not heard – this year we’re hoping to print and make a ‘just the sex ed comics’ book, it’ll be called drawn to sex, and the Kickstarter starts MAY 1st!!!! Hope you excited friends!

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↓ Comic Transcript
Page 1
The comic opens on a naked pair about to have some fun sex. One of them is presenting their butt to the air.
Tattooed Character with a prosthetic leg (to be shorted to TC for the transcription): Alright boo, we read Erika and Matt's comic on playing with your butt and we did more research on our own, we’ve been teasing and exploring your ass with plugs and fingers for months. Are you ready to take your backside to the next level?

Butt-wiggling character (to be shortened to BW for the transcription): Aw yeah, stud! Gimmie that capital F - Fucking my butt has been craving!

TC: Ha, you dirty minx, you! Here GOES!

Image: we see some floating word balloon as the sex-capades happen off screen.
Mmm… ooh!
Ahhh, ease it in….
Mmmmm! Er... AHK! Ok, too much, too much! Take it OUT!
…Woah, there’s…

Image: the Images snap back to a startled BW and TC:
BW: Haha, it felt good, until it didn’t.
TC: …there’s poop on my dick…
BW: Oh my GOD.
TC:You know, let's... umm, let's just shower instead!??
BW: This never happens in porn! Good gravy, what did we do wronggggg.

Matthew appears next to a giant anus coming out of the sand, reminiscent of Aladdin's cave of wonders.
Matt: Forgive me for being a big ol’ buttinski, but... The kinda anal cleanliness you find in adult movies comes from the performers' significant preparation well ahead of time!
That's why today we're talking about...
TITLE (shooting out of the anus cave): Preparing to Plunder Your Cave of Wonder

Page 2
Image: Matthew is stood next to some helpful factoids as he lists them out. They're lightly illustrated, as this page is all about the facts!

Subtitle: Helpful Tools
- Lube (we recommend something that'll not be absorbed by the body, a thick silicone lube is our go-to)

- A butt plug

- Baby Wipes & Towel

- Store Bought Enema

- Lots of TIME

Matt: Listen, shit happens. Your sphincter is designed to keep poop IN, so it’s NORMAL that when you go deep stirring up your insides with a big rod you MIGHT dig up some dung. Here’s my tips on cleaning yourself out in preparation for the big day.

Image of a salad: Try to eat lightly the night before. Salads, soup, sushi and that sort of thing!

Image of a see-through human eating a bean: Eat normally the day of you anal activities - That fresh food will be too far up your pipes to be in the way that soon!

Image of a cartoon poop and enema: Take a nice big dump early in the day!
A handful of hours before sex, bust out that store bought enema!

BW reappears and is holding his face in fear: Ahk! I've never done one before!
Matt: Don't worry, I'll be your Enema Escort! It's not nearly as scary as you might think.

Image of a giant enema being plunged into a pool of warm water as Matthew narrates:
Get a cheap store bought enema and pour out its contents (the saline normally has added laxatives and you don't want that, it’ll make you poop MORE). Replace it with warmish water!

Page 3
Image of Matthew and Erika listen to music, as Matthew continues on.
Matt: Head to the bathroom and put on a good podcast. Erika’s a big fan of Comic Lab and I love the sweet sounds of the McElroy Brothers.

We now have 3 panels of simplified humans going through the motions of an enema along with the instructions.
Lay down on a towel on your back or front or side, with your knees drawn up to your chest.
Lube up your enema nozzle and push it into your butt!
Then slowly squeeze the warm water into your bowels - it's gonna feel funky, but you're doing great!

Once all that waters inside you, pop out the enema, clench your butt hole tight and wait it out a few minutes.
Once it feels like you're about to shit all over the room, sit down on the toilet and release it.

Image: Matthew reappears next to BW, who is patiently sat on the toilet.
Matt: Do this a few times till your poop water is coming out clear! Well done, you’re now an Enema Expert!
(Or should I say… Enema ExSPLURT)
BW: No, no, you should not.

Image: Narration floats over an image of cartoon Matthew opening up a big anus, the camera is shot from within the butt hole, it's wild, and I (the Matthew who's transcribing this) can't believe Erika drew it, haha.
Matt: Like any muscle, your anus could do with a good warm up and stretch before you think about putting your partner into it.
Subtitle: Do Your Stretches
Matt: A few hours prior to getting fucked it pays dividends to play with your ass a bunch.

Page 4
Image: Narration continues next to a butt plug that's subtly being inserted into a simplified butt.
The more it’s prepared, the more receptive it'll be to having a bigger, energetic visitor. Butt plugs work great for this because you can also leave them in for a while, to get your ass used to being full.

Image: We arrive back to Matthew and BW. But now sparkles and hearts are emanating from BW's butt as Matthew shows him a city horizon.
BW: Lookit me! I'm prepped and stretched and ready for my honey! ...Now what?
Matt: Friend...
Subtitle: Welcome to Pound Town.
Micro-title: Would you like a mimosa?

Matt continues, eyes closed: As ever, I refer you to the evergreen advise from our resident experts, the--

Image; of two lovely snails atop of each other
Subtitle: Anal Safety Snails
Snail 1: Use lots of lube!
Snail 2: Go Slow! Communicate well with each other!

Image of an hourglass counting down, next to some floating narration:
You're gonna find your butt hole will wear out FASTER during fucking than those previous experimental explorations when things were less intense, so take your time and have breaks as you need 'em.

Page 5
Image: we cut back to BW and TC now atop of each other fucking like rabbits in a doggy-style position, as the narration continues next to the happy couple.
Don’t forget to play with your junk or reach around to play with your partner’s while you’re fucking!
Getting pounded in the ass can be a really intense feeling and a little stimulation in your other sensitive bits can help keep those sensations manageable and pleasurable.
A little reach around can turn an OK feeling into an OMG feeling.

Image, Matthew is making the 'slowdown' hand signals next to the couple who are happily ignoring him.
Matt: BUT ALSO, try not to cum too soon! You might find that once you've cum, your ass will close up show and it won't feel good to have a visitor in there any more.

Matthew holds his hand up in a 'wait a sec' gesture.
Matt: Going the distance with your derrière is all about pacing.

Narration: As ever: anal penetration shouldn't hurt! If it does, take a breather, a pause, or stop altogether.

Image of the couple laying on a towel, snoozing lovingly in a spooning position.
Narration: Finally, have that towel handy. After a more intensive fuck like this, your ass is gonna feel VERY loose. Juices and lube WILL leak out, and you’ll feel better with a towel under your butt while you spoon with your boo, I swear.

Image of Matthew Leaping into a giant anus as he shouts:
Good luck and BOTTOMS UP!

The comic ends with attribution to Erika Moen, and Matthew Nolan and Oh Joy Sex Toy, it says:
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Artist owned and Patreon supported - Patreon.com/OhJoySexToy
For audiences 18+ . We are not responsible for any action based upon advice found in these comics, please use common sense.
All sexually active characters depicted are 18+. All rights reserved. For License and Repost information visit OhJoySexToy.com/license

With that the comic is complete!

Transcribed by Matthew Nolan in September 25th of 2023! This is the first time he's done this, and thought it was super fun!