Spruce up that booty and get ready to dive on DEEP into our comic this week ;D

Today we’re going a step further than our previous comic on Anal Sex for Beginners, and looking into the tips and tricks of having an ass that’s able to go the distance.

As mentioned in today’s comic, shit WILL happen. And that is A-OK. The comics advice is for those looking to level up and not prerequisites for anal sex. So don’t feel too intimidated by the prospect of enemas and the likes – it’s not mandatory for you to enjoy your butt =)

We had a bunch of fun with this – and it’s pretty much the LAST comic we needed to get done for our upcoming book (we still have a few bits and bobs to do in general), we’re SO CLOSE!

If you’ve not heard – this year we’re hoping to print and make a ‘just the sex ed comics’ book, it’ll be called drawn to sex, and the Kickstarter starts MAY 1st!!!! Hope you excited friends!

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