Cici Luna’s here today to share her personal story on visiting a Dungeon, which can be a pretty overwhelming place to visit for the first time as a vanilla asexual person!

Cici was a delight to work with and, gosh, you should all go drop her a word of thanks. I’m always so honored when I get to share autobio guest strips on here =D

So, yeeeeeah, I KNOW. This has been A LOT of guest comics and education comics in a row, anddddd we’ve not been doing our sex-toy-reviewing due diligence. But friends, it’s because we’ve been working SO HARD on getting our next book done for you. I’m proud of it and, heck, I think you’ll be proud of it too. Check out this sweet promo image =D

I’m so excited to announce that our Kickstarter for Drawn To Sex is going LIVE on May 1st. For everyone that’s been asking us to do a book of JUST the sex education strips, THIS IS FOR YOU. It’s going to be such a good book, you guys!!!