This week, Sarah Winifred Searle is BACK!
This time with a really sweet comic based around some of her other characters. You might remember Sarah’s previous comics on OJST here (covering a range from hair to body image and weight). Today she’s made us a delicately sexy comic, one that might need some context:

From Sarah: The comic hints at a bigger, more intimate relationship between Milly and Thorburn, one that originated before they came to both work with the department store. If you’re interested in learning more about them, keep an eye out for an appearance in future chapters of Sparks!

I got super excited when Sarah brought this to the table. It sounded super sweet, and Erika and I are suckers for this sort of shy-coy-and-horny Downton Abbey type scenario. If you’re looking for MORE about this particular world, Mrs. Thorburn, and Milly. Check out FilthyFigments (a sexy web-comic porn site that we’re hoping to review next week!), and look for the Sparks story. According to Sarah, it updates with 10 new pages each month =D AND bonus BONUS info: apparently it’s being collected into an Iron Circus Book in 2020 too!!! =D

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