A huge thank you to Carlos who was game to share his vasectomy story with me this week!

As mentioned at the end of the comic, there’s still lots of info about vasectomies out there that warrant further research if you’re contemplating it. Take a peek at Planned Parenthood.

Don’t fancy yourself a permanent form of birth control? We’ve covered several other forms here (but not all of them, of course!). Hopefully, soon we’ll have comics on tubular ligation and bilateral salpingectomy for those of you with uteruses.

Since we’re weeks away from Valentine’s Day, it’s worth reminding you all that our best-sex-toys of the year list can be found here, and if you are looking for a store to shop with, well, we love ALL the ones we list on our site: seriously, I’ve not been swapping any of them out these past few years, because they are all wonderful people with ace stores.

ALSO, the day AFTER valentine’s, Erika and I will be in SEATTLE doing a book signing at Babeland!!! Check it out here.