Another year FLIES BY and, yeesh, what a year.

This’ll be our FOURTH Best Of! And jeez, the list gets bigger and bigger each time. If you’re interested, check our 2016, 2015, 2014 Best Ofs! You can peek at just how much our art has changed and evolved, plus you get to see that a lot of the toys we’re recommending are still on our list: they are that good!

Before I link you our specific reviews and whatnots, here’s a list of our fav stores for you to hit up if you fancy picking up a toy. We trust ’em and love them all!

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Coupons to use at checkout!

Early To Bed - 10% off - OHJOY
Lovehoney - 15% off - OHJOY
PleasureChest - 15% off - OJST
Stockroom - 15% off - OHJOY
TwistedMonk - Free USA shipping - OHJOY
Fun Factory - 10% off - OJST
And, finally while we much prefer and encourage you to buy from small business, here's Amazon...
Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY
Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY
Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY
Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY

ONE more thing, before I go dropping you all the links: At the time of this comic going live, OJST is partially sponsored by Vibratex, who makes/distributes the Mystic Wand Rechargeable AND Magic Wand Rechargeable (which we both recommend!). We wanted to let you all know that their sponsorship doesn’t affect our reviews at all because these toys have been on our annual favorites list for years now and we would include them regardless because they’re genuinely good products! Like, that’s why we reached out to them about sponsorship in the first place. We like what they make.


Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty!
Our best-of’s strips aren’t in-depth exposés, so here are all the links to our comic reviews of said toys (if we reviewed them!). But do go explore the site yourself – there’s a bunch of things we didn’t include this year but have reviewed – check out the categories on the menu! We hope it helps with your holiday shopping!

Mimi Soft
Mystic Wand Rechargable (not yet reviewed, store link! But we HAVE reviewed the cheaper battery one)
Silver Bullet
Magic Wand Rechargable

Fuck Sleeves
Sex In a Can
3D Spiral

Butt Stuff
Njoy Plugs

Cock Stuff
Fleshjack Boys Dildos

Strap On Gear
Jaguar Harness
Velvet Dildo (look at Fuzes Alpha model (store link) if your looking for something bigger!)
Underpants Harness
Pierre Softpack

Almost Naked
Sliquid H20

Condoms (all the same link!)
Kimono MicroThin
Trojan Bareskin

Plain ol simple ones

Most stuff By Cara McKenna (not yet reviewed, store link! Try Crosstown Crush or her book of short stories, Strange Love!)
Come As You Are
Its Perfectly Normal (ages 10+) (not yet reviewed, store link!)
It’s So Amazing (ages 7+) (not yet reviewed, store link!)
It’s NOT the Stork (ages 4+) (not yet reviewed, store link!)

Black Label Esse Chaise Lounger

Porn (not yet reviewed, porn site link) (and check out the time we visited their live set!) (not yet reviewed, porn site link)

FINALLY – if your just looking to dick about and read some comics. Go explore our Fav’s list here, OR our Adventure comics!