Getting back into the swing of things, and I’ve got a 2 toy review for you guys.

When I handed off the Vibrating Flip 0 to a pal, I legit didn’t know it cost $215. We both just assumed it was a fancy model, but not like… royalty fancy. $215 FEELS bonkers! But also, according to him, FEELS AMAZING. I’m still on the fence – I think you can spend your cash more wisely across products and services.

What I can tell you for certain is that the Flip 0 Black model is by far one of the… (maybe the best?) toys to have graced my donger. It’s a SOLID design. Every aspect thought out and well constructed. And with the harder TPE material, it gives me more noticeable and immediate feelings. I REALLY recommend it, but only when your feeling like you’ve got the cash to spare.

Check out my previous review on the White model here! Anddd if your keen to go digging in the archives, my review of the older Flip HOLE models.

There are now a few different ‘Tenga Flip’ models out there, so the list bellow is links to search pages for ‘Flip’ toys… As of posting the comic it only looks like a few stores (like Shebop and Lovehoney) have the black and vibrating models in stock, but its pretty new, so expect them to show up later on.

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Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY
Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY

Next week is a guest artist post, as we take a long weekend off to decompress after our Kickstarter – if you didn’t hear, we raised an incredible amount of $85k from about 3k backers for our next sex ed book, Drawn to Sex, The Basics. That’s incredible – thank you all so much. We are exhausted by that… Big mood <3

Also MORE NEWS: we’re excited to let our UK friends know that we’re signing up and teaming up with a new sex-positive store called Pleasure Garden. Run by some really nice folks! They we’re even game to do a fancy test order and everything, so we could say that we’d used the service! Awesome – they totally have our endorsement and support! We’re really excited to have another choice for your english pervy needs!