Flippin’ Heck, my previous Flip Hole review is more than 3 years old! How time flies when your jerking for comics!

Well I had some gripes about the Flip Hole back then. And while Tenga have seriously upped their game and made a really fantastic toy, some of those gripes are still lingering. I just can’t FEEL and separate out the sensations of each bump and lump well enough. It all feels same-y for me. But looking at other reviews – some people seem to REALLY dig just how soft it is. So maybe its just a dosn’t work for me-but-maybe-for-you sort of review.

Personally I’m not going to be reaching for this expensive toy often, and would encourage anyone shopping for a masturbation sleeve to see my other reviews first. There’s a lot of cheaper options that I think will treat your wang better. The Tenga Zero is like touching the future of sex toys, but I think, still isn’t worth that $100 entry fee. The zero might not be the willy hero you’re looking for.

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