A Knight and Merchant reconnect when looking for a Crystal for their Queen in todays sexy sweet comic by Kassiopeeia. What an absolute visual delight and fun, light way to start the new year. We’re in the middle of a winter storm up here, so here’s hoping todays comic warms you up!

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↓ Comic Transcript
In a medieval merchant room filled with fantasy treasures, bottles, and books, two people stand examining a mandrake root. The Knight holding the person-shaped creature is a white woman with long black braided hair, wearing a Knight's uniform in pastel blue colors with a long coat. The Merchant beside her, is a white nonbinary person with brown hair and shaved off sides, they're wearing a long coat in pastel blue colors. Todays comic is awash in similar pastels and hues, hand drawn and flowy, with a colorful aesthetic.

"Welcome back to my humble warehouse." The Merchant greets The Knight. "Feel free to look around."

"No way!" The Knight exclaims in surprise as she picks up humanoid mandrake root from the table. "I still remember this thing. Wasn't easy to get. The nettles..."
"You know..." Interjects The Merchant as he guides her hands to set the magical root back on the table. "All of this wouldn't be possible without you. I really appreciate your work." She looks at him coyly.

"Mhm, is that right?" She asks, and then her eye is caught by a beautiful crystal that is somewhat bigger than a hand. "Ah, so..." She picks it up and examines it close to her eye. "The Queen requested this one, right? What's it for?"
"It's a tool for pleasure." Explains The Merchant. "When two or more have a connection with each other, it's meant to increase it."
"Maybe..." The Knight looks slyly at The Merchant. "We should make sure it works?"
"You are right." The Merchant agrees, perhaps a little too readily. "It's for the Queen after all. Wouldn't want to disappoint her."

As The Merchant places his hand on the arm of The Knight that is holding the crystal, they purr, "No one is going to look for us here..."

"Aahh!" Exhales The Knight as the Merchant takes the jewel from her hand and kisses her on the cheek. The jewel glimmers, magic building up from it.
As The Knight opens up her shirt The Merchant asks, "What do you feel?"

"It's warm and tingly." The Knight coos. "I'd say it works."
As The Merchant presses it against her breast, he ponders aloud, "I wonder how it would feel... Elsewhere."
"You know..." The Knight grins and gasps as The Merchant slides down from our view. "I appreciate your work as well."

Now we cut to the throne room with The Queen, a black cisgender woman with short black hair, wearing a crown and a blue long dress with an ombré. The Merchant and The Knight stand before her.
"Huh..." She says looking disappointed and unimpressed as she examines the dull, gray crystal in her hand. "Pretty sure this one's empty... Care to explain?" She asks her sheepish and playfully-embarrassed Merchant and Knight who cannot make eye contact with her.

Todays comic was transcribed by Erika Moen on January 15th 2023! But Matthew is the one adding it to the post, and is the one, who's here in very bottom of it all, reminding you all to come and support us in this new year! We use Patreon to stay afloat, and need your support there - https://www.patreon.com/OhJoySexToy