Adrenaline. Sweat. Hunter. Prey. CHASE. Try to keep up with this thrilling Halloween story by Ripley LaCross that’s sure to get your blood pumping in more ways than one.

A huge thank you to Ripley for today’s Hallopeen comic. Following last week’s spooky story, we thought you’d all enjoy a little bit of sexy fun.

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↓ Transcript Of Today's Comic
Page 1:
Color palette is grey, light orange, white, and black.
A couple are getting out of their car at the entrance to a marked path in the woods.
"Ah... My favorite tradition." says the red headed Runner, holding the car door in their hand.

The masculine Hunter has broad shoulders, a beard, and dark grey hair streaked with white that goes down to their shoulders, although it is partially pinned at the back of their head in a bun. The Runner is shorter with an athletic build accentuated with subtle curves. Their red hair is tied into a ponytail of two braids and they wear small white backpack.

"Everyone's out trick or treating..." says the runner as they stretch against a wooden fence.
The Hunter holds their left foot in their hand while balancing on the other leg as he replies "...Just you, me, and the woods."

The Hunter playfully holds the runner from behind as he asks, "Think you'll get far this year?"
"Hah!" snorts the runner. "Easily. I've seen your gym times. I get my *treat* either way, right?"

"Right." says the Hunter with a kiss on the back of the Runner's head. "Stick to the route. NO TRICKS!" The runner blushes and smiles in pleasure.

Page 2:
The mood changes to competitive and friendly-menacing as the Hunter growls into the ear of the Runner, "...Now *run*."

With wicked delight the Runner sprints away, looking over their shoulder at the Hunter with an expression daring them to catch them. The hunter winks at them while counting down the head start on their watch.

Page 3:
The runner sprints through the menacing woods, sweaty and panting, their perspiration steaming in the chill air. They are flushed and clearly enjoying this game of chase and hunt. At last the Hunter finds them! With giant smiles they give chase.

Page 4
"AIEEEEEE!!" We see the Runner's shorts and backpack cast to the ground.

Through the empty spaces between a craggy tree silhouette we see the Runner get scooped up by the Hunter, the Hunter biting into the Runner's neck and then their penis pushing between the Runner's vulva. The two go at it like animals, both fiercely enjoying themselves.

PAge 5
Their fucking climaxes with an animalistic "Aah-HHH!!!"

They smile and laugh as they recover together, high on endorphins and dripping sweat.

As the Hunter takes a much-needed slug from the water bottle that was in the Runner's backpack, the Runner gets into a racing stance against a fallen log and devilishly demands "Rematch??", much to the Hunter's surprise.