Another day, another Fleshlight review! We’re finally back from our two week break and subsequent week of sickness. We thought it would be good and proper to step back into the swing of things with the new but not-quiet-new fleshlight GO series.

Todays review was hard to write out: this is kind of the same toy we’ve previously reviewed before. But a justifiably smaller design. They didn’t break any molds for this, just reduced the case. Its enough of a positive change for me to excited about… but is it enough of a reason for you to jump into your wallets and buy a-new? Im not sure… maybe?

Fancy trying one? Check our Friends (With Benefits)

Lovehoney also has a discount code for 15% off! also gave us a 10% discount code to give you! also gave us a 15% discount code to give you, just click here!

As you may be able to tell, Im still grieving over the discontinued Sex in a Can Stout. Now that really was a good buy-it-now toy. (fyi it is STILL available in some places! check the bottom of the Stout comic for more links!)

Also in more awesome news. The Oh Joy Sex Toy Volume 2 book is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase! Wooo!