Erika and I did a long weekend in the woods as part of a victory lap/recovery from the Kickstarter. SO GOOD, and SO NEEDED. It’s with great thanks that I share this wonderful comic from Natalie on her non-monogamous life. I hope you all like this slice of autobio and honest comic. Drop her a word of thanks if you can!

Next week, we’re prrrrroooobably gonna have to do another guest comic! Erika took on too many for-friends-projects and needs to get them donnnnzo’s. It’s crazy, but there’s no time to spare with the regular OJST schedule, so if there’s a project Erika REALLY REALLY wants to be a part of – gotta find a guest comic top cover for us! Anyway’s – this is kinda good news you for anyone hoping to BE a guest artist as I’m going to be opening up submissions sometime today and will be accepting new guest comics for the Summer/Autumn.