Today’s another Poly comic! TWO IN A ROW, you lucky devils you! =D

I’m so excited to finally share with you Jem’s work. I was so excited when they sent the comic over, and I hope you all like it too. If your keen they let me know that they are printing this specific comic in a collected zine that is now for sale, alongside a bunch more of their autobio on Polyamoury. Pick it up if you get a chance – I did!

↓ Comic Transcript

Page 1
Title: Love Radiates

Artwork in pink tones.
A trio of anthropomorphic characters are snuggling in bed. One has rounded bear-like ears, our narrator, Jem, has pointy ears, and the third person has horns and a lizard-like snout. All three of their hands overlap.

Narration: How does this feel so... normal? ...No. Natural. I knew people could have multiple meaningful relationships...

We flash to another scene where Jem and others stand on star-shaped platforms, separate from each other. Jem is holding hands with a steer character who says "Seriously I'm fine! Go for it!" while Jem looks between the speaker and the previous two bear and lizard characters that were in the first panel.

Narration: ...I just never believed it would happen to ME.

Page 2
Artwork in blue/green tones.

Jem and a ram-like person embrace in a public transit tunnel.
Narrator: Last year I tried poly dating for the first time.

Jem watches as the ram, who has their back to Jem, tightens up a strap-on harness while saying "Friends who make out and have sex? That IS a relationship." Jem blushes, sitting on the bed in a bra and underwear, and replies sheepishly "I guess that's true... Makes sense..." The ram looks at Jem mischievously and then turns around triumphantly showing off their strap-on dildo and holding a giant vibrator wand. Jem gasps in joy and lust. The ram tugs Jem's feet to lay them on their back and mounts them flirtatiously saying "Hi." "Oh hi!" replies Jem with expectant, flirty eyes.

The art switches to pink tones.
Narration: But... I couldn't let go of my fear.

Jem and the steer are in bed, with the steer fast asleep and Jem visibly fretting.

Narration: What if feelings for someone else ruined my existing relationship?

Page 3
Purple toned art.
A younger Jem addresses and older dog character over dinner.
Jem shyly tells him, "Dad, I've been exploring polyamory." The dad laughingly asks "Polly WHO?"
Narration: I've realized that, in many areas of my life, guilt and fear of the judgement of others has been holding me back. Social conditioning is hard to ignore. I think spending my teens at an all-girls boarding school created this feeling of being WATCHED.
A frazzled teenage Jem sits, fully clothed, on the toilet, trying to read a book titled "BOY MEETS BOY" while someone outside knocks on the door asking "What are you doing in there?!"

The art transitions to pink.
Current-day Jem stands on their star podium again, texting their wheelchair-using lizard companion from the first page.
Narration: When I left London for Scotland I started dating again, and quickly bonded with someone new. Our honest conversations about polyamory, health problems, trauma, kink and queerness went on for days, and when we met in person, I felt totally at home with xer. ...and xer partner.

Page 4
The lizard, bear, and Jem have a transcendent sexual experience together.
Narration: It's hard not to love the person who loves the person you love. Here together, I could let go of my fears.
The three hold hands while walking outside, fully clothed.

Page 5
Narration: Balancing multiple romantic relationships is complicated. Everyone has baggage. It can be overwhelming.
One purple-toned panel shows the three upset, with the lizard crying and the bear and Jem upset and concerned.
Narration: There are more commitments, more people to care about, more chances at hearthbreak.

A yellow-toned panel shows Jem, the liard, bear, and steer all eating dinner together, laughing and having a good time.
Narration: But to me, it feels like a huge family of people supporting each other.

Pink toned art shows Jem standing before all these characters, plus many more that are silhouettes in the background. Jem looks to the reader happily.
Narration: And the love we share radiates outwards.
Transcribed by Erika Moen 10/23/23