Looking for our Best Sex Toy List?

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Ok, so some of you might be thinking that we wimped out of a best-of-sex-toy-list. But honestly we started this week building our list, and by the time we had whittled it down to something that would fit, it was 90% of the same things like last years. The thing is, we haven’t reviewed all that many new toys this year, and we’re still deeply in love with a lot of oldies. Our focus this year has been on hiring lots of new voices for OJST, and getting as much health education in as possible for our next book!

That all being said, we still wanted to share something with you all. So here is our comic about the stuff that made 2018 bearable, the stuff that helped us and made us smile. Whether it be golden climbing shoes, Hilda or furry smut.

Before I dive into links to specific things, here is our current sex toy store line up. We love them all, so if you’re here looking for a toy, visit these stores! They won’t disappoint, especially the smaller personally curated ones!

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Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty!
In order of appearance!

Drawn to Sex – The Basics, a Shameless plug but we DID mention it – also avalible on Amazon!
Instax Square SQ6 by FujiFilmReviewed here!
Juniors Maralyn & Me Oversized-Hood Fleece Jacket
Sweetheart Latex Dress by SyrenReviewed here!Backers can watch Erika put it on here!
So iLL 2020 Gold’s
HildaComics avalible on Amazon!
Frank Makes
How Ridiculous
Lessons from the Screenplay
Monster Factory
Faking It: The Lies Women Tell About Sex–And the Truths They Reveal
Small Favors The Definitive Collection
Be Prepared
The Prince and The Dressmaker
The Everett House Community Healing Center

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