Happy new year friends!

2019 is here, and well, I’m hoping it’ll be a better one for us all than this last one. While Erika and I got a ton done (I believe she’s working on a wrap up for the Patreon), it sure feels like we all deserve an easier, better year.

Welp let’s roll on… in style. Kaz is back with a brand new adventure! (you might remember their previous amazing work; a cam-girl-interview and a pegging comic…) Today Kaz takes us into an indie, artsy and hella-positive porn studio Aorta Films, in a similar vein as when Erika and I got to visit CrashPad. It’s really exciting to get a sneak peek into this world through Kaz’s keen eye. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Aorta would also like us to mention that their feature film (W/HOLE) will premiere January 4-6th in Brooklyn at the Invisible Dog Art Center, and will then be distributed sequentially on their site and pink label throughout 2019! So check that out when you get a chance.

Next week we’re hoping to have our big best of 2018 comic! Wish us luck – it’s an absolute unit of a comic to get done in a week 0_0