Today’s comic probably needs a bit of context, as it’s not our usual fare.

Today Patrick Rothfuss joins us with a comic he wrote for us to illustrate, wherein he interviews his Kingkiller Chronicle cast all about their sexualities and romantic orientations. Patrick came a-knocking with the idea of doing a comic for Oh Joy Sex Toy as part of his yearly humanitarian aid fundraiser called Worldbuilders. This year they raised 1.1 million for Heifer International and we’re super excited to have been able to contribute in our own ridiculous (pink!) way. A comic that helps raise money for others AND lets me fool around with one of my fav fantasy authors writing? Heck yeah.

Thing is, Erika’s still super new to The Name of the Wind, so she doesn’t know the character alllll that well. The end result is this fun comic. We also, ah – only get a week to make each comic – don’t butcher us if the characters don’t exactly match your versions!

If you know the series, enjoy the meta-breaking and what, I’m assuming, is a slightly on-canon interview with some of the team. And if you don’t know the series, that’s cool too, feel good knowing this was for a good cause – we’re ending the year with a fun silly one.