We’re revisiting the Womanizer today! Sooooort of by mistake, sort of for science. We legit thought we had one of the FANCY womanizer PLUS models, but had gotten all confused: we’d just been using the most recent CLASSIC model. You might remember our old Womanizer review from a few years ago. Our pal Alexander ALSO did a review of the Satisfier Pro Penguin.

Erika didn’t enjoy her first foray with the womanizer, but this latest classic model’s been sitting on our table for a while, drawing Erika to it like a moth to a flame, until finally, she felt the urge to ‘make it work’ once again.

Before I drop you shopping links, a reminder: if you’re in Portland, we’ll be doing a live signing at the Division SheBop on the 15th between 7 and 9pm. Please please please come by? It would make our day!

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Drawn to Sex is also OUT NOW in the public world today!!! Go pick up a copy if you missed the Kickstarter!