I feel like some of you are gonna call me out on this one, ‘MATT, ANOTHER Tenga toy? COME ON!’, and you would be right to do so. At this point it’s official I’ve got a bad case of Tenga fever. The… Tenga Tingle? I love the stuff they bring to the table! While I regularly try other toys that fall short and I end up passing on, Tenga always seems to bring a level of imagination that I end up wanting to talk you guy guys about.

Ok, so. The Spinner isn’t a game changer. It’s not even that amazing, doesn’t really fit larger willies, and there are a ton of other toys I would recommend first. BUT if you’re looking for a cheaper toy, one that has a interesting twist? For $30 you’ll be hard pressed to find a similarly innovate take on the simple masturbation sleeve.

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Bit of a short comic this week. I ended up not having much to say beyond ‘woah – plot twist – this one is twisty!’ Next week, we’ve got a sexy furry guest comic that I’m super excited to share =D AND after that, Erika and I will try to do a broad strokes STI comic (we’ve already covered a few tho! But we need to fill in the gaps for the next book).

If you’re interested in staying up to date with the progress on the OTHER book, the Random House book, Let’s Talk About It (out in 2021 I belive). Random House Graphic has started tweeting out samples here; Check it out!