And Ryan Estrada’s BACK!

Today he’s partnered up with Kim Hyun Sook for a rather interesting interview. I hadn’t heard of Eun Hasun before or even knew where South Korea sat in regards to sex and sexuality so I was super intrigued when Ryan brought this to the table.

It’s a rather more serious interview and journal piece than we usually cover, with someone who’s been contentiously in the SK-public eye, so I hope you all like it – if it’s not your jam, Ryan’s done a lighter comic on Korean Love Hotels for us in the past.

Ryan and and Hyun Sook are the authors of Banned Book Club, an upcoming book from Iron Circus Comics. I don’t know all the deets and I can’t wait till we can learn more.

Want to find Ryan’s socials? He’s got a TON OF them: Check out his site and the animated eye blinks it contains =D