It only took us a DECADE, but we finally got there. How to take care of your sex toys, by Jey Pawlik!

Erika and I had put this comic off for years because the toy-cleaning advice can be murky and ever-changing. Sometimes, with an electronic do-dad the best thing to do is just… try your best, and that’s hard to comic up! I’m so dang thankful that Jey went a step further and put together such a winner of a directional comic.

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Notes and links from Jey!

Let’s learn how to clean your collections today! Have you ever wondered the best way to clean each type of toy? Never fear because with these handy recipe cards you’ll always be able to come back and check the basics. Always remember to wash your toys before and after using them, be sure to read the cleaning instructions for each piece you purchase, and use condoms on toys if you’re sharing!

I didn’t get to touch on specific toy cleaning products due to space and if I’m being completely honest I don’t think are worth it. As long as you use a mild unscented soap on your toys, then that’ll be more than enough to get them safely clean to use internally. I just wouldn’t recommend spending your money on it.

April 23 – TALC VS CORNSTARCH Note from Matt
This comic has a bit of advice on the Latex care section to originally cover your latex clothes in cornstarch to store ’em! We’ve since changed this to include Talcum-powder/Talc. But honestly, it seems like both have their contentious issues?! Talc is in the news for being carcinogenic, while Cornstarch is in studies as having properties that bind it to latex, and can promote mold over time in humid environments! We’re not completely sure what piece of advice to point you toward and strongly recommend you do more research!