April 26, 2013. That’s the date we launched Oh Joy Sex Toy. We want to keep doing this, we want to keep sharing these original comics with you- and to do that we actively need your support.

By joining the Oh Joy Sex Toy Patreon and pledging one dollar a comic you not only enable us to pay for the costs that come with running this small business (including commissioning the artists!) but YOU ALSO GAIN EXCLUSIVE CONTENT that the rest of the internet won’t get to see.

During our anniversary month we have lined up three bonus comics and video interviews with members and artists of the OJST Team that will only be available to patrons. We’ve got comics from Hien Pham, Jey Pawlik, and Erika Moen (hi, that’s me!), as well as video interviews conducted by indie comics sweetheart (and former guest artist) Lucy Bellwood with all of the above, plus former guest artist Danielle Corsetto and the devastatingly handsome OJST co-founder Matthew Nolan. Plus you get the nine years worth of locked Patreon content that already exist.

Can’t contribute financially? You can still help OJST stay afloat by sharing this post or our Patreon. Years ago our reach on social media was stifled by the sex-phobic algorithms not only because of the nature of our content but also because we’ve got the word “SEX” literally in our title (Not a business-savvy move on our part, to be fair), and our account is also unsearchable on Patreon, too, because we’re marked as “Adult content”. We can’t reach the people who signed up to our accounts, but you can reach your followers for us!

Feel free to post today’s comic elsewhere! But also, here are the URLs and some Twitter and Instagram-size images:




Thank you so, so much for making the last ten years such a success. We couldn’t have done this without you.