Oli’s here talking about their gender. Today’s comic was a lovely one to get, so I’m glad to finally share it with you all. We hope you like it!

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In some fun and exciting news – Erika and I did our numbers, and while we still haven’t paid off the whole of our Kickstarter yet (waiting on one last bill), we’re going to be using the cash we DID get to increase our guest artist page rates! From now on, we’ll be paying folks $140 a page (each comic is 4-5 pages long), and $160 a page for returning artists. As always, all the work done for OJST is creator-owned, so artists keep all the rights to their work. It’s still a long way from a professional Marvel or DC rate, but we’re still pretty proud. For just two nerds running a lil ol sex-ed webcomic, the idea that we can now pay $700-$800 for a comic is amazing.

With that in mind, we are constantly hiring for guest comics.

More of a hubaballoo to come about that in the next few days =)