Our last commissioned Bingo piece and this one’s (lifts pinkie away from the cup and sips with his eyes closed) educational!

Today, Bingo’s here to talk us through Peyronie’s Disease, a crummy penis affliction that super duper sucks.

As usual, if you think you’re suffering from this, take it into your doctor. While Bingo is amazing, neither they or us are actually doctors, so take all the info here with a grain of salt, and see real help, if your dicks getting its lean on.

Want to see more of Bingo’s work? Check out their comics on Body Image and their autobio on figuring out how to orgasm.

If you haven’t been on Patreon and aren’t up-to-date with our lives at the moment. Erika and I have been in stress-work-burn-out-crisis this past few weeks. Landing Erika in some intensive mental health hospital treatment. We… we’re just pushed a bit too hard this year with doing two books at once, and brains are breaking. Things are looking to get easier in December, and then we’ll be taking a longer holiday. This week though, Lucy Bellwood is stepping up to get us both some much-needed downtime and breathing room – so look forward to her comic next week.
Treat yourselves well friends!