And just like that, Lucys BACK.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with Erikas Instagram or Patreon, you’ll know that things haven’t been going great over here. Lots of stress and mental health trubs, and long story short – we’re struggling! Who’d have thought doing two books at the same time in one year would break us! Well lights at the end of the tunnel, and thankfully we have amazing friends like Lucy, who step up with AMAZING comics like today’s one.

She has been on the site so many times I feel like she should have her own category…
More Lucy GEMS.
Rope bondage
Snake bite kits
Convention mistakes
We-Vibe Sync
JT Waist Cuff

But did you know Lucy does other comics too? Check our her works:

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As doom and gloom as my blog intro sounds – we’re surviving, and have plans for a mega break in the winter. All your lovely support and messages these past few months has meant the world. Thank you.