Friends we’re back from VanCaf and we are struggling to catch up with all the work we’ve got to do. Erika made a great patreon post about all of it, drop by and give it a read (I even made a neat book-cover designing .gif for the post)! Next week, it’s back to regular OJST comics, we swear!

Also, before I talk about how great Lucy Bellwood is, it’s time for one more mention of our Kickstarter. It’s in its LAST WEEK. If you haven’t had an opportunity to pre-order a copy, now’s your last chance. This is the only time you’ll be able to get these books this cheap AND help us make something great.

Time to talk about our hero Lucy, who stepped up with this fun, appropriate, convention comic after Erika and I fell behind. You might recognize the art from some of her previous guest strips. Lucy’s the best, go click on her links!

She is also, just about to go on a book tour. I whole heartily recommend you check it out if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the places shes visiting.