Lucy’s here to review a very fancy waist cincher! It’s Stockroom’s own branded JT Wasit Cuff.
I love this comic so much. It’s a great mix of personal autobio and also sexy times adventures and exploration.

Lucy’s been here on OJST since pretty much the beginning, talking about rope bondage, snake bite kits, her convention mistakes AND her thoughts on the We-Vibe Sync. As you might tell – we’re fannnns.

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And THEN, go take a peek at Stockroom’s selection. The JT signature stuff cuff is their poshest apparel, so if you’re scared off by the price tag, do shop around since they have other waist cuffs and cinchers at lower prices.

Cuffs from our Friends (With Benefits)

Stockroom ALSO has a 15% discount for you, just add ‘OHJOY’ at checkout!
TwistedMonk ALSO have a code for you! add OHJOY for free USA shipping!

Next few weeks, Erika and I are back to do a few reviews – one of them is a huge fucking machine and I can’t wait to tell you about it =D