Bingo’s BACK! You might remember their work froma month or two back, all about their Body Image.

This week we’re lucky enough to be treated with another wonderful bit of autobio, all about how they learned to orgasm.

No links for Bingo again. But just like last time, if you tweet at us about the comic, Bingo will be able to see ’em and check them out. You made their day last time – thank you!

This past week, I took a stab at updating the last handful of comics to double pixel Retina style images. They are HUGE and I realize they can render a little oddly on older screens – but on all the double pixel screens I’ve checked out, the site now looks GOOD! Fingers crossed you like the new look too? Let me know if its terribly buggy! My plan is to try and update the older comics with the new sizes over time. I think Erika’s Twitter Flash Back Fridays will be a good excuse for me to at least update one or two a week.

I haven’t blogged about the Patreon in a while. But if you’ve been enjoying these guest comics we’ve been hiring and making while we simultaneously work on the books AND you enjoy our regular comics, consider dropping us a buck or two on Patreon. It means the world and keeps us going. This year we’re not doing a Kickstarter (as we build up material for the next book), so your help will be felt double. Also, Erika’s gone plant crazy, so if watching a comic artist fall into garden madness gets you excited – it’s a good time to sign up!