Erika’s doing tons better this week, but now it’s MY turn to get poorly. At this point, we’re looking at having had maybe 4 both-of-us healthy days in March so far 0_0 Thankfully Bingo’s here to save the day with this incredible comic.

Like the best autobio, it’s honest, painful and amazing at the same time and we hope you take something positive away when you read it.

Bingo’s not sharing links this week, but if you want to leave them nice messages, please still do so! I’m sure they’ll check out the social medias and see what you’re saying on your account, even if they don’t reply. You can reply to Erika’s promo tweet here with a message for Bingo!

I’ve been lucky to get another Bingo comic AND a potential third in the wings. Super frigging excited to share both with you in the future. Next week, Erika and I will get a review done, and slowly get back into the saddle.