Boom- INFORMATION overload, am I right?

Welp, we’re running out of time to cover all the topics we want for the second Drawn to Sex book, Our Bodies and Health (coming out 2020). So rather than giving each and every STI its own comic (which we still may do over time), we had to get a broad comic on it donzos. I mean, honestly and in hindsight, we shoulda started OJST with something like this, ah well.

Now, the majority of this information was gleaned and reduced from amazing places like Planned Parenthood. This ISN’T the be all end all guide to STIs. It’s just a hitlist.

– Are you suffering symptoms or worried? Go take yourself to a doctor!
– Have you been having sex with new partners and haven’t recently gotten tested? Time to go get a fresh test!
– Slow sex life but haven’t been tested in a while or ever? Let’s get you a new one!
– Need more in-depth info? Visit Planned Parenthood or Scarleteen

We’ve previously covered a few STIs AND the process of getting tested, all here for you to read up on.
Getting Tested
HIV, AIDs, and PrEP (by Silver)
We’ve ALSO got a whole section of our site dedicate to health, which contains a ton of comics on contraceptions!

Edit 5/4/19
Matt: Hey friends, we’ve gone and changed some language at the end of the comic to bring up safer sex and how important it is. Also, there are some STI outliers like super gonorrhea that the comic doesn’t cover. While these can be legit scary, they are very, very rare and the purpose of this comic is to hit just the most common ones. If there IS something you’ve heard of or want to learn more about and we haven’t covered it, dive into Planned Parenthood or talk with a doctor! <3